What is the Philippine Development Plan?

At the beginning of each Administration, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) steers and coordinates the consultative process and preparation of a new medium-term Philippine Development Plan (PDP).

The PDP serves as the government’s overall guide in development planning for six years. It reflects the government’s socioeconomic policies, strategies, and programs in support of and consistent with the development agenda of the President and is geared towards the attainment of development goals and objectives in the long-term development plan.

The Plan is formulated in collaboration with appropriate government agencies, the private sector, and local government units, among others.


Why the Need for Development Planning?

The importance of development planning has long been recognized in the Philippines

  1. It enables the government to come up with a shared vision of where the country should be in the future and a concerted program of action to achieve this vision.
  2. It ensures that government resources and investments are channeled to programs, projects, and activities that best achieve the country’s goals and objectives.